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Stainless 24 ports fiber optic terminal box JFOPP-TBS24P


Product Description


pdf.gif Stainless 24 ports fiber optic terminal box JFOPP-TBS24P Specification

JFOPT terminal box is designed for wall installation and also suitable other application environment. Its compact size and light weight is ideal for the occasion request small capacity. It is suitable for cable with diameter (Φ) less than 20mm

Features :

  • All property indexes are in accordance with National YD/T814-1996 Standard.
  • The body makes use of stainless steel, it is with strong corrosion resisting and durable.
  • With pigtail output: design of 1-2 cable entrance and fiber exit of 1-24 cores assures flexibility
  • Cable entrance and fiber exit are sealed with oil resistance NBR to increase the flexibility. Users can choose to prick the entrance and exit.
  • Overlapping fiber-melting tray and separate insulation earth unit make the disposition of the cores, expanding the capacity and cable-earthen flexible, convenient and safe.

Technical Data:

  • Weight: 1Kg
  • Optical fiber winding radius: ≥40mm
  • Extra loss of fiber tray: none
  • Fiber length left in tray: ≥1.6m
  • Fiber capacity: max 12 or 24 cores
  • Working temperature: -40 °C~+85°C
  • Insulation resistance to the chassis: >1000MΩ/500V(DC)
  • Shock-resistance: 750N
  • Insulation resistance ≥ 1000M Ω between grounding system and metal parts of cabinet, testing current: DC 500V
  • Enduring of high voltage: 3000V (DC) /5min, no penetration, no arcs


  • Peel the cable, take off the outer and inner housing, as well as loose contract tube,and wash off the filling grease, leaving 1.1~1.6m fiber and 20~40mm steel core.
  • Fix the cable-pressing card and the cable, as well as the cable reinforce steel core
  • Lead the fiber into the melting and connecting tray, fix heat contract tube andmelted tube to one of the connecting fiber. After melting and connecting the fibermove heat contract tube and melted tube and fix the stainless (of quartz) reinforcecore stick. Make sure the connecting point is the middle of the housing pipe. Heatthe pipe to make the two into one. Put the protected joint into the fiber-laying tray.(One tray can lay 12 cores).
  • Lay the left fiber in the melting and connecting tray evenly, and fix the winding fiberwith nylon ties. Use the trays from the bottom up. After all the fiber has beenconnected, cover the top layer and fix it.
  • Position it and use the earth wire in accordance with the project plan
  • Close the cover. It can be installed on the wall or in horizontal line.

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