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48 core Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)


Product Description

pdf.gif Rack mounted patch panel fixed type JFOPP-OB1233004N-XXY-048


JFOPP-OB1233004N-XXY-048 Optical Distribution Frame is mainly applied for the termination and distribution of trunk cable during fiber optical telecommunication main Optical system, to conveniently realize the connection, distribution and configuration of optical fiber line. Especially it integrates the fiber splicing, termination and extra cable storage in a module, which can be installed and maintained easily and has universal ports for various adapters. And this module is widely used for both breakout cable and ribbon cable.


Features Distribution frame

Made of high quality cold rolled steel, electrostatic powder spray-painted, rust and corrosion resistance.

Thick metal sheet for high load resistance, to avoid deformation happening.

All the edge of metal parts processed to be round corner, to avoid the damage to the cable or operator.

Cable lead-in, fixture and lead-out kits designed at the lateral sides, for flexible cable guiding.

T- shaped design and inner support plates making the frame firmer and sturdier.

Adjustable rack fixture kits position for different installation habits.

After continuous improvements, cabling space and direction and convenience of operation achieve balance.

Packed by plastic foam, bubble wrap and high strength carton, completely safe during transportation.

Compliant with the latest industry standards.


Features Splice module for 12 fibers

3-layers structure: top cover, splicing panel and terminating and cabling panel.

Made of ABS, high safety performance, light and sturdy.

Integrating splice, distribution and storage inside, easy to operate.

Adapter clamps universal applied for FC, SC, LC and ST adapters.

Applied both breakout cable and ribbon cable.

Adapter position 30 degree angle to guarantee cable bending radius and prevent human eyes from laser burning.

Label on top cover, convenient to record splice and distribution.

Sliding rail with strong spacer pin to fix splice module solidly, to prevent any damage during transportation.



Standard 19” rack mounted size.

Cable entry: from both lateral sides.

Cable clamp 2 pairs; Cable fixture kit2 pieces.

Cable lead-in, fixture and protection kit available, for easily connection and splicing.

Enough space for spare cable storage, max. bending radius 15D guaranteed.

The installation, management and splicing accessories available.



Technical Data

Operating Temperature: -40℃+80℃   

Operating Humidity: ≤95%(+40℃

Enduring of high voltage between grounding system and metal parts of cabinet more than 3000V (DC) /1min, no penetration, no arcs.



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