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Fiber optic patch cord,Fiber optic patch panel,Fiber optic pigtail, since 2001 from China

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1 x 2 steel tube Fiber optic splitter


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Fiber optic splitter




Newports wide range of Fiber Optic Couplers have been developed using fused fiber technology. The optical fiber couplers allow bi-directional coupling and can be used to either split or combine signals.

Single wavelength couplers provide optimal performance at center wavelengths of 633, 780, 850, 1310, or 1550 nm. Wavelength flattened fiber optic couplers extend the optimal wavelength range to a band of 40 nm around center wavelengths of 1310 or 1550 nm. Broadband couplers are operational over both the 1310 and 1550 nm windows. 1x2 and 2x2 couplers are available with coupling ratios of 50/50 (3 dB) and 10/90 (10%).

A semi-ruggedized housing, used on 1x2 and 2x2 couplers at 633, 780, and 850 nm, consists of a stainless steel outer housing from which 1 m long, 900 µm buffered fibers exit through molded strain relief boots. All other couplers feature a fully ruggedized black plastic housing with 1 m long, 3 mm PVC covered pigtails. All standard models come non-terminated, FC/UPC, or FC/APC.

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