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How to distinguish between single-mode and multi-mode fiber transceiver

Posted on 30th Oct 2019 @ 10:18 PM

Sometimes we need to identify the type of fiber optic transceiver, so how do you determine if the fiber transceiver is single-mode or multi-mode?

The following small series teaches you three ways to identify the single multimode type of a fiber optic transceiver.

1.The optical transceiver dust cap is removed from the optical head to see the color of the interface device inside the optical head. The inner side of the single-mode TX and RX interfaces is coated with white ceramic. The multi-mode interface is brown.

2.Differentiate from the model: Generally, whether there are S and M in the model, S means single mode, M means multimode.

3.If it is already installed, you can see the color of the fiber jumper. Orange is multi-mode and yellow is single-mode.

Tip: Single-mode transceivers can operate with both single-mode and multimode fibers, while multimode fiber transceivers cannot operate with single-mode fibers. There is also a single multimode converter device in the market. Can solve the interchange of single mode fiber and multimode fiber