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Max 576 cores Fiber Optic Splice Cabinet


Product Description

Name of Product: Fiber Optic Splice Cabinet
Product No.: JFOPP-GPX-01

JFOPT fiber optic splice cabinet is mainly applied in outdoor cable connection, distribution and adjustment. It can realize flexible connection of cable through adapter and duplex patch cord. This series of product provides safe, reliable and flexible management for fiber and optical equipment. It is widely used in variety of communication networks, especially suitable for FTTH project.                   


  • This cabinet is well protected all-weather because it adopts SMC material. SMC is with excellent ability of heat insulation, condensing prevention so it can effectively prevent the cabinet from environmental impact such as rain, snow, insects and corrosive gases and so on.
  • Reasonable structural design: 288-core cabinet with one side open, 576-core with double-sided door, the wide wiring space is easy to operate and maintain.                 
  • Give full consideration to cable fixation, grounding, fusion and patching of extra cable in order to enable cable connection and adjustment convenient.      
  • The internal optical paths are clearly marked and splicing and patching position is easy to identify.
  • Compact cabinet structure, easy to install, and excellent sealing performance.                   
  • Splicing area adopts integrated fiber tray and makes pigtail and redundant fiber can be patched easily. The tray is suitable for FC, SC adapter. The adapters are installed with 30 angle so that not only to guarantee the curvature radius of the fiber not less than 40mm but also to prevent operator's eyes free from radiation od laser and space saving.       
  • Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon cable.

Technical Data

  • Operating environment:
  • Operating Temperature:-40oC~+55oC
  • Storage Temperature: -40oC~+60oC
  • Relative Humidity: <=95%(+40oC)
  • Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa~106Kpa                                        

Technical performance:
Wavelength: 1310nm~1550nm                                                                   
IL(including repeatability and changeability)<=0.2dB                                         
RL: >=60dB (APC); >=50dB (UPC);>=40dB(PC)                
Insulation resistance>=1000MΩ between grounding system and metal parts of cabinet, testing current : DC 500V                  
Temperature Resistance: after 16 hours in the (-55 oC ~ 55 oC) +- 2 oC environment, natural performance will be covered in one hour                
High voltage resistance: when max voltage between grounding equipment and the cabinet is above 3KV (DC) /1min, no penetration, no arcs                
Heat Resistance: The cabinet is made of special material with superior heat insulation performance
Sealing Performance and Dustproof: excelled GB4208/1P53 requirements
Waterproof: set pipe in range +- 60 ounder 80Kpa pressure and irrigate the cabinet for 15min, no water enter.                                
Static load capacity: shell >= 1000N; lateral surface>= 500N                       
Impact Resistance: on impact laboratory, exert impact from direction of X,Y,Z axis for six times and each time for 6ms with peak acceleration 300m/S2, the cabinet have no damage or break.
Use life of the seal: not less than 10 year                               
Bend Radius: >40mm when fiber optic cable placed and bent in the cabinet.

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