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Fiber Optic Jumper

Fiber optic jumper, also called fiber optic patch cable or fiber optic patch cord, is a piece of fiber optic cable with same connectors installed on both side of the fiber cable. Fiber optic jumper is used to link the equipment and components in the fiber optic networks.

Generally there are two types of fiber optic jumpers, one is single mode, the other is multimode. Single mode fiber jumper cables are usually with yellow colored jacket and multimode fiber jumper cables are with orange color. Connectors installed on the fiber optic jumper cables can be various types include SC, ST, FC, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000, and etc. these connectors on the jumpers can be PC or UPC or APC (only available on single mode types) types.

Simplex fiber optic jumper is with only one connector on each side of the cable, and the whole jumper is one strand of optical fiber in the cable. Duplex fiber optic jumper can be regarded as two simplex joined to each other side by side.

Most important parameter of the fiber optic jumper cable is the insertion loss and return loss. Fiber optic jumpers can be with different length and cable types. There are different fiber jumper cables For different applications, like waterproof fiber optic jumper, armored fiber optic jumper, multi fiber jumper cable and laser optimized fiber optic jumper.