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Broadband China strategy, China is expected to invest about 2 trillion

Posted on 27th Sep 2013 @ 4:52 PM

According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 18 - Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Vice Minister Shang Bing the 18th to accept the Chinese Government Network interview that China's broadband Chinese strategy implementation, from now to 2020 need to invest 2 trillion yuan or so, this figure includes both fixed broadband networks broadband infrastructure investments.

Shang Bing said, the state is defined as the new era of the Internet in China's economic and social development of strategic public infrastructure into regional economic and social development and urbanization-related plans and be protected as public infrastructure, which is conducive to the formation of a variety of forces , to promote broadband in rural and remote areas development, bridging the digital divide, so that all people can really share broadband development results.

Chinese optical communications industry in China's strategy in broadband access to great development.