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3M Fiber Patch Cords Available In New Configurations

Posted on 13th Sep 2013 @ 1:48 PM

3M is now offering GGP fiber optic patch cords in new configurations that are well-suited for the workstation environment. Mary Kay Knief, spokesperson for 3M, says that the new cords are good for use in a shop environment because of the extra durability and flexibility. In addition, the GGP cords allow for tighter bend radiuses than normal fiber optic cords and can survive rough installation situations. The cords have even continued to function after being run over by desk chairs.

The single mode (50 microns or 125 microns in diameter) GGP fiber optic patch cords are offered in 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 8m, and 10m lengths. Multimode (62.5 microns or 125 microns in diameter) cables are available in the same lengths as the single mode cables, plus in 15m, 20m, and 30m lengths. The cable assemblies are available with combinations of FC, LC, ST, MT-RJ connectors using single or multimode GGP cable. Knief notes that complete assembly is comparable to previous-generation 3M optic patch cords. Pricing varies according to connector type and cable length.

Construction Details

The outer layer of the GGP cable consists of a tough, flexible permanent polymeric coating. This coating, developed by 3M, protects from the environment and nicks and scratches that frequently occur to bare glass during termination and handling. The glass-cladding layer is 100 microns in diameter and surrounds the fiber glass core. The cable can withstand a tight bend radius as small as 9.5mm, which compares to the wider (25mm) bend radius of Corning's Infinicor. The bending stress is about 20% less than that of standard glass when bent to the same radius.

These GGP cables meet TIA/EIA, ISO, EN, and 3M standards for multimode fibers at 850nm and 1,300nm. The 3M connectors are constructed of engineered resin (except ST versions, which are nickel-plated zinc). The ferrule material is zirconia ceramic. LC cables are available with a repositionable boot for enhanced cable management. The increased cable flexibility makes the cables easier to route and manage, making the 3M GGP patch cables ideal for equipment backplanes and panel-to-panel cross-connects.

Now that 3M has addressed the need for flexibility and durability with its GGP fiber patch cords, the other major fiber cable manufacturers must respond