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Make full use of the free trade agreement to enjoy preferential tariff

Posted on 29th Aug 2013 @ 2:10 PM

At present, China gradually 31 from the five continents trading partners build 14 free trade area. Chinese enterprises to export products to enjoy preferential tariff free trade agreement, need to meet the requirements of rules of origin, and apply for certificate of origin in time, overseas customers can enjoy preferential tariff certificate of origin when imported.

Shenzhen jia fu optical communication co., LTD is located shenzhen regional preferential certificate of origin issued by the inspection and quarantine bureau mainly includes: between China and asean, China, Chile, China - Pakistan, Singapore, China - China - New Zealand, China, China - costa rica, Peru, Asia Pacific, cross-strait economic cooperation framework agreement and other 9 kinds of certificates. Our company have different levels of business development in these areas.

We suggest that these areas of overseas customers, take the initiative to understand and study all kinds of preferential policies of origin, especially the free trade area related preferential policies. If you have any needs, please contact shenzhen jia fu optical communication co., LTD., we will provide you with more cost-effective products. We will be your good partner.

Source: fiber optic cable manufacturer