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Fiber optic patch cord features

Posted on 21st Jun 2013 @ 11:43 AM

Rugged fiber optic patch cord and 10 Gig fiber optic patch cord available . RoHS compliant patch cord available.

Jfiberoptic Intl fiber optic patch cords are manufactured strictly according to international standard. We adopt high quality raw materials and we use on-site manufacturing equipment. Our skilled workers and quality control department work closely together to guarantee that every piece of our fiber optic patch cord is excellent quality and looking. Our fiber optic patch cords are fully compliant with international standards, each of the fiber optic patch cord is tested using Telcordia standards during the production. Our fiber optic patch cord are manufactured and packed in dust-free environment and are with very good quality and looking, we use strong outer boxes and other necessary method to ensure they do not get any possible damage during delivery. Huihong Intl provide both single mode fiber optic patch cord and multimode fiber optic patch cord types, there are 9/125 single mode,50/125 multimode, 62.5/125 multimode cable types optional.

Simplex or Duplex fiber optic patch cable assemblies optional
Low insertion loss and high return loss according to international standard
Cable lengths and cable types optional
PC or UPC or APC termination types

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