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The Differences of Fiber Optic Connectors Polishing Ends

Posted on 17th Nov 2017 @ 2:49 PM

一. Fiber Optic Connectors Polishing Ends are divided into : PC, UPC and APC


1. PC is flat .


a. PC is usually used for multi mode fiber optic connectors

b. The color of the multimode connectors houses and boots are grey.

c. Insertion loss ≤0.3dB;Return loss ≥ 20dB


2.UPC is round.


a. UPC is usually used for single mode fiber optic connectors.

b . The color of single mode UPC connectors houses and boots are blue.

C. Insertion loss ≤ 0.3dB; Return loss ≥ 50dB


3. APC is beveled


a . APC is usually used for single mode fiber optic connectors

b. The color of the single mode APC fiber optic connectos are green

c . Insertion loss ≤0.3 dB; Return loss ≥60dB   


4. Please Note that different types of  connectors  can cause severe attenuation of the optical signal after the butt joint, causing the link to be faulty.


5. Return loss strength of these kinds of polising ends:APC>UPC>PC


二. Attention about the docking:


1. Insertion loss :When we using patch cords , often can met some  problems  such as signal impassability, exclude the patch cord itself problem, the afore-mentioned problems wil be appeared for the poor docking. The reasons for casing such signal problems as following:


a. The fiber axis misalignment.   

b . The fiber angle deviation.


c. The fiber core deformation.


d . The fiber contact with impurities cause the seperation.


e.The fiber core size or shape is different.


2. Too much reflection loss will  affect the quality of the transmission signal directly , which can be tested by OTDR .


a.  The following pictures are the reflected light from the different polishing ends docking.






1. Should choose structural precision, low insertion loss, return loss big optical connector.


2. Should pay great attention to the work environment clean and operator hands clean during the operation.


3. The duct cap of the connector can’t be taken off before connecting.


4.If confirming a fiber optic connector  contact is poor , and it is not  effective to deal only with the jumper plug , you should  pull down the fiber plug in the device and  clean it , meantime clean the holes of the adaptors.


5. For normal operation, you need to to clean the connector at least once every six months .


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