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Distribution Style Pulling Eye Fiber Optic patch cord

Posted on 27th May 2013 @ 4:18 PM

Distribution Style Fiber Optic Cable with Pulling Eye description:
Fiber optic cable can easily be damaged during installation because it’s so fragile. Protect it from damage by choosing a cable with a pulling eye. The
pulling eye ensures that the strength member of the cable is pulled instead of the fiber core or jacket. Here’s the easy way to pull pre-terminated fiber
cable use the Pulling Eye kit, Pulling eye kits protect pre-terminated fiber optic cables during installation conduits, ducts or risers. Saving time and costs
when install the pre-connectorized multi fiber cable

Distribution Style Fiber Cable Features
1. Fibers are terminated with swivel pulling eyes to eliminate cable damage during installation.
2. Choose either a PVC or plenum jacket
3. 6-, 12-, and 24-fiber versions are available
4. All type connectors are available
5. Makes pulling cable through conduits easier.

Tech Specs
Attenuation (Maximum) — 3.75 dB/km @ 850 nm; 1.5 dB/km @ 1300 nm
Bandwidth (Minimum) — 160 Hz/km @ 850 nm; 500 Hz/km @ 1300 nm
Fiber Type — 62.5-μm core, 125-μm cladding
Jacket Material — Orange PVC
Conductor Material — 62.5/125-μm diameter, all-glass, graded-index optical fiber
Bend Radius — 8 cm loaded; 5.3 cm installed
Tensile Strength — 225 lb. (1000 Newtons) short terms, 68 lb. (300 Newtons) long term
Buffering Diameter — 900 μm
Temperature Tolerance — Operating: (-40 to +80°C); Storage: (-40 to +80°C); Installation: (-40 to +80º C)
Outside Diameter —Lie on the patch cords inside the “tube”

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