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Fiber Optic Adapter

Posted on 25th Mar 2016 @ 10:41 AM

◆Product Concept

    Fiber Optic Adapters both ends can be inserted into different fiber optic connectors , can realize different interfaces transformation of FC,SC,ST,LC,MTRJ,MPO,E2000 and so on , which is applied into ODF ,fiber optic equipments ect; 

◆Main Characteristics

    Optical Fibers are connected by the sleeve in the fiber optic adapters to ensure the highest connection performance between the fiber optic connectors .

    Hybrid fiber optic adapters both ends can be inserted into different fiber optic connectors and provide the connection between the APC ends. Duplex and multiplex fiber optic adapters are with higher mounting density and space saving.

◆Product Types

    Fiber Optic Adapters types are FC,SC,ST,LC, MTRJ,E2000, ect.

    Fiber Optic Adapters ends types are :PC,UPC ,APC ect.

◆Fiber Optic Adapters Specifications

   ●SC  means “Standard Connecctor”.

   ●ST means “Straight Tip”.
   ●FC means “Fiber Connector”.


   ●"SC” adapter is a square engineering plastic adapter, which with high temperature resistance and not easy to oxidate. The transmission equipments are with SC adapters usually.

   ●"LC” adapter shape is similar to “SC” adapter ,and smaller than “SC” adapter .

   ●"FC” adapter is a metal adapter and always use for ODF , the pluggable times of metal adapters are more than plastic adapters.

   ●"ST “ adapter is a bayonet lock structure with a metal key.

   ● "MTRJ" and "MU" adapters referent pictures as following:


   ●"PC” polishing is flat.
   ●"UPC” polishing loss is less than “PC” polishing , the polishing shape is arc.

   ●"APC” polishing is diagonal and  applied in broadcasting and CATV, which can improve the TV signal.



  1. Fiber optic telecommunication system

  2. TV network

  3. LAN network, Optical domain network

  4. FTTH network

  5. Vedio transmission