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Introduction of 3 Different Cleaning Kits

Posted on 18th Mar 2016 @ 10:08 AM

Considering the convenient application in project field, JFOPT offer 3 different cleaning kits, for different clients’ requests.

1.Products details


The above chart shows the below differences between 3 kits 

a.JFOT-09 includes the cleaning liquid, while JFOT-12 and JFOT-13 no; 

b.JFOT-09 includes the flashlight for lighting on field, while JFOT-12 and JFOT-13 no; 

c.JFOT-09 and JFOT-13 include cleaning rod, while JFOT-12 including cleaning pen



2.Advantages of each kit 

a.JFOT-12 and JFOT-13 are more economic than JFOT-09; 

b.There is the liquid in JFOT-09, which would cause Custom’s problem, and long lead time and high transportation cost; 

c.There is no cleaning liquid in JFOT-12 or JFOT-13. The Custom’s problem is avoided.