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FBT Splitter (Coupler)

Posted on 9th Mar 2016 @ 8:40 PM

FBT splitter (coupler) is manufactured under Fused Bi-conical Taper technique, to melt two or more fibers together, and taper them to shape double cone structure, then to cut off all fiber except one at the input end, and leave all fiber there at output end

1.Fiber: Single mode FBT splitter and multimode FBT splitter 
2.Operation windows: single window, double windows and three windows 
3.Channel: 1x2, 1x4, 1x6, 1x8,…..1x64
4.Optical Ratio: equal splitting, unequal splitting

FBT splitter can provide unequal optical ratio, like 60:40, 25:75, 1:99 etc.. This is the most outstanding feature of FBT coupler.

1.The cost of FBT splitter is higher than PLC splitter for more than 4 channels 
2.Uniformity of optical average ratio is not good as PLC splitter


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Fiber optical telecommunication system 
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