The Types of Fiber Optic Connector

Fiber optic connector is used to join optical fiber where a connect/disconnect capability is required. The basic connector unit is a connector assembly. A connector assembly consists of an adapter and two connector plugs. A variety of optical fiber connectors are available, but SC and LC connectors are the most common types of connectors on the market.

Different connectors are required for multimode, and for single-mode fibers. The example shown is a fiber ST connector. We supply professional fiber ST connetor sales. ST connector is the most popular connector for multimode networks, like most buildings and campuses. It has a bayonet mount and a long cylindrical ferrule to hold the fiber. Most ferrules are ceramic, but some are metal or plastic. And because they are spring-loaded, you have to make sure they are seated properly. If you have high loss, reconnect them to see if it makes a difference.It has a long 2.5mm diameter ferrule made of ceramic (zirconia), stainless alloy or plastic. It mates with a interconnection adapter and is latched into place by twisting to engage a spring-loaded bayonet socket.

Instead a fiber mating sleeve sits is very important. Unlike electronic connectors, most fiber optic connectors don’t have jack and plug design. Instead a fiber mating sleeve (adapter, or coupler) sits between two connectors. At the center of the adapter there is a cylindrical sleeve made of ceramic (zirconia) or phosphor bronze. Ferrules slide into the sleeve and mate to each other. The adapter body provides mechanism to hold the connector bodies such as snap-in, push-and-latch, twist-on or screwed-on. The total amount of insertion loss for fiber optic connectors should remain below 1 dB. Fiber alignment is the critical parameter in maintaining the total insertion loss below the required level. There is only a small amount of control over coupling loss resulting from fiber mismatches, because the loss results from inherent fiber properties.

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