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Corning introduced advanced optical components for data center

Pretium EDGE AO solutions to similar parallel optical solution 33% higher density to help implement parallel optical technology to 40 g / 100 g of migration

Corning corporation recently announced a set of oriented Pretium EDGE solutions platform of optical components products – Pretium EDGE AO (advanced optical) solution. These components can help data center to its economic and efficient way cable infrastructure easily migrated to the next generation of more advanced applications, including parallel optical technology and integration of network monitoring.

Parallel optical Pretium EDGE AO solution is composed of switching module and fiber optic jumper, it in the network to 40 g migration can fully use 12 core optical fiber backbone, 40 g using 8 core optical fiber backbone (in each direction has four optical fibers with 10 g speed transmission). If there is no this kind of transfer, the existing fiber optic backbone running 40 g parallel optical fiber data centers use only about 66% of the fiber has been installed.

Due to the application of the resistance to bending, corning ClearCurve multimode fiber Pretium EDGE AO solutions to achieve the industry’s highest density of parallel optical frame; Its density is equivalent to the current Pretium EDGE10G solution, the density of at least 33% higher compared with other parallel optical solutions. Due to the port density with 10 g solutions now, the end user in a migration to a higher data rate without increasing the system hardware. Will be moved to 40 g or higher rate of customer is expected to achieve a good return on investment, because they can after migration full use of its existing fiber optic backbone and hardware.

Once submitted review 4 x25g IEEE 802.3 bm Ethernet standard approved (in each direction has four optical fibers with 25 g speed transport), due to the switching module and fiber optic jumper can continue to used to transport 100 g Pretium EDGE AO solution will be 100 g additional return on investment for the user.

As part of the Pretium EDGE AO solutions, corning also launched the industry’s first integrated port divider module, used for Ethernet 40 gbase – SR4 multimode fiber parallel optical circuit implementation of network monitoring. This passive tap device can be directly integrated into the Pretium EDGE solutions for infrastructure, and it all – the MTP adapter can support 40G seamless migration of electronic equipment. Divider with corning other integration of port module, this integration method of corning allowed under the premise of not interfere with the real-time network connection increase or dismantle the monitored port, and to achieve “zero U” footprint, improve the utilization rate of frame.

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