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Refresh hollow photonic bandgap fiber data transmission record

British scientists have claimed that the use of model-based reuse 37 hollow core photonic bandgap fiber (HC-PBGF), created a 73.7Tbit / s transfer rate of the new record. Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, Senior Fellow Yongmin Jung and his colleagues produced the world’s first low-loss broadband 37 root core HC-PBGF, there is no internal surface mode and low crosstalk.

The 37-core hollow fiber, hollow fiber core at 19 on the basis of further weakening of these fibers inside the main loss mechanism – surface scattering. The team produced the diameter of 37μm fiber cladding spacing of 4.4μm, the relative aperture is 0.97, the band gap will be about 300nm. This fiber at 1550nm wavelength with a minimum basic pattern 3.3dB/km loss.

HC-PBGF lattice structure is rather special – larger air holes around the core of honeycomb covered. Since the signal propagation in the air, the data transfer rate is much higher than conventional fibers. Further, a transmission method is transmitted by the photonic bandgap effect, rather than the conventional fibers in the total internal reflection. Although, compared to the solid fiber, HC-PBGF has a lower nonlinearity, low loss and low latency access to more potential, but there are still some problems to be studied, especially in relation to the receiver using MIMO technology deal model of the problem.

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