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LX.5 fiber optic patch cord feature and specification

The LX.5 was developed with carrier-class reliability to ensure network integrity. Available in simplex or duplex configurations, the LX.5 maintains single circuit access and incorporates safety shutters on both the connector and adapter body to provide protection from dust, dirt, and ferrule end-face handling damage. The LX.5  connector also features a latching mechanism that effectively releases the connector from the adapter. Its user-friendly and intuitive design prevents cables from snagging at the back of the connector.
LX.5 fiber optic patch cord
LX.5 Features:
Doubles the density; twice as many fiber connections
Exactly half the size of the SC connector; adapter fits the SC footprint
Shutters on both the adapter and connector
Incorporates proven, reliable ceramic ferrules
Available in singlemode and multimode versions
Easy to convert between simplex and duplex connectors

LX.5 Patch Cord Specifications:
Insertion loss (IL)  typical 0.2dB
Return loss (RL) >35dB for MM; >50dB for SM/UPC; >60dB for SM/APC
Ferrule material: 1.25mm zirconia ceramic
Adapter housing, connector body: Engineering thermoplastic

Sensor Systems
Measuring Technique
Utilities, Railways