City of Mayville to get fiber optic lines after all

In early May, finance chair Kathy Sertich said it was bad timing to pay for the installation of fiber optic from the school district. Now, it seems there is no time like the present.

The Mayville Common Council approved Monday evening an agreement with the Mayville School District to run fiber optic cable to City Hall to allow the police department to have high-speed access to security cameras at the schools with no cost to the city.

“The school district of Mayville proposes to install six strands of fiber to the city of Mayville as part of the district’s infrastructure upgrade at the school district’s cost,” said Sue Wery, technology director for the district.

Only two of those strands will be used at this time to allow police to connect to the cameras. The other four will be built in for future expansion at City Hall. The city will also not have to pay for any equipment needed for monitoring. The installation is slated for July/August.

“I think this is a great thing and I am glad,” Sertich said. “Thank you, because at this point we could not do it with the deficit that we’re still covering.”

On May 8, the city held a meeting in which it was determined that a fiber optic tie-in was not financially feasible due to a strict nine-year plan to pull the city out of debt. It was estimated to cost $5,800.

On May 22, the district was put on lockdown during a weapons scare which highlighted some shortcomings in the security plan. On June 11, the Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands approved a $225,000 loan to the district for the project.

Wery said that hopefully next year they can apply for another grant that would reimburse them for the cost of the tie in as well as getting more cameras in the future.

“We didn’t want to incur any additional charges for you to have to come back next year and do it,” said John Westphal, school board president.

Source: fiber optic connectors