100G equipment worldwide annual sales of over one billion U.S. dollars for the first time

OVUM latest market data shows, 100G optical network equipment sales for the year for the first time exceeded $ 1 billion. However, optical networking equipment from 2013Q1 overall sales results, the growth of the market still faces challenges.

“A quarter of the market decline is very common, but this decline is still worrying, because this is compared with the same quarter of the fifth time since the fall, and the lowest quarterly revenue as six years.” Ovum network infrastructure analysis division Ron Kline expressed.

However, Kline is not entirely an expected sadly. “Bright side is, 100G continues to show strong growth with the ring than in 2013 a quarter of 100G port shipments increased 41% QoQ revenue growth of 24%, with annual revenues for the first time more than one billion U.S. dollars. 2013Q1 have 20 devices equipment providers earn income in 100G, more vendors will enter the market this year. forecast from equipment manufacturers cautiously optimistic, orders increased short-term visibility is good, but the long-term visibility is also shrouded in clouds. ”

Ovum recently released market share analysis shows that the next generation of optical packet transmission system integration sales, including OTN switching equipment, an increase of the same quarter last year, performed well. However, 40G equipment first decline in annual sales, which may indicate that with the rapid decline in equipment prices 100G, 40G market is beginning to decline. From a regional perspective, compared to the same quarter last year, the Asia Pacific and EMEA expenses decreased, spending was flat in North America, South American growth of 15%.

The current downturn comes to non-IP / Ethernet aggregation equipment expenses increased significantly slow the growth of the European economy and fierce competition led to lower prices.

Overall, the optical network equipment market outlook is brighter edges.

Source: http://www.jfiberoptic.com